Xiaomi MI 5s Plus Camera

What is the Video all about?

The Xiaomi MI 5s Plus cellular phone camera comes equipped with a rear 13-megapixel Sony Monochrome and Color Sensor. This video does a full camera review of the device.

What all is reviewed in the Video?

To begin with, the video talks about the specifications and technicalities of the front and rear cameras. Later, it discusses the camera specific aspects, elements, effects and menus in extreme detail. Thus, the viewers can have an overview of the device.

Also, the video tests various modes, effects, etc. of the camera. Finally, towards the end, we can find Photos, Videos, Slow motion and time lapse-footages captured through the device.

Camera Specifications of the Xiaomi MI 5s Plus

As mentioned earlier, the camera of Xiaomi MI 5s Plus is equipped with rear 13-megapixel Sony Monochrome and Color Sensor. These lenses can be wire tapped, each separate as well as combined in STEREO MODE. Also, we can find a dual tone flashlight next to the rear lenses. In video mode they support native 4K. At the front side, the MI 5s PLUS provides a 4 MP Ultra pixel camera which allows HQ 30 fps VIDEO recordings at Full HD.

How does the Xiaomi MI 5s Plus perform?

The stereo rear cameras of the device are exceptionally good. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that they stand in direct concurrence to iPhone 7, HUAWEI P9, HONOR 8, SAMSUNG Galaxy Line or even Google’s new Pixel phone.


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