Full Moon with RX10 M3

What is the Video all about?

In this video, the full moon is captured using the ZEISS Zoom Lens of the of SONY RX10 M3. There are three different footages that we can see in this video:

  1. The original footage;
  2. An additionally stabilized version of the original footage using pro-DAD Mercalli;
  3. A downscaled (cropped) version of the former 4K-footage to HD-resolution which results in a double size magnification on HD.

Later, in the end, all the three footages are compiled for comparison.

Camera Settings on RX10 M3 for this Video

The exposure of the camera is on manual mode. However, no tripod is used for recording the video. Though, the camera’s inbuilt ‘Steady Shot’ is used.

How does the Sony RX10 M3 perform?

Even after using the ‘Steady Shot’ mode, one can visibly see some shaking in the video. But given the fact that the moon is 384,400 km from us, this is considerable.

Also, the night light is not of much help in enhancing the video quality. But then also, the picture quality of Sony’s new RX10 Mark 3 flagship is absolutely astonishing and convincing. It even seems to make concurrence to several telescopes on the market.


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