What is the video all about?

The video provides the RX10 M3 LOW LIGHT TEST. It’s video quality at 25P 100M 4K mode with the Sony DSC RX10 M 3. The clips are captured with the auto-focus on. Also, we can witness the full zoom range from 600-24 mm.

About the clips captured.

The video demonstrates some beautiful clips at LOW LIGHT taken of a hilly region and its periphery. Later, the RX10 M3 focuses on a bunch of flowers and buds. The same frame is captured right before the sunset, at the time of sunset, and just after the sunset.

Performance of the RX10 M3 during the LOW LIGHT TEST

The quality delivered by the Sony DSC RX10 M 3 even in such low light conditions is astonishing. The camera adjusts the ISO and iris according to the lighting conditions. Thus, it ensures to deliver the best quality.

This camera cannot provide full 2.4 lens aperture at the higher zoom levels. Thus, the iris changes between minimum f-stop of 2.4-4 according to the zoom factor.

However, there is only one minus point of the Sony DSC RX10 M 3. Even after using a tripod and the ‘Steady-shot’ mode, the video shakes slightly at the maximum zoom factor of 600mm. But given the fact that the video was captured from a distance of 20kms, this is quite considerable.


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