SONY RX10 III: Field Test 2

What is the Video all about?

This video takes the Sony RX10 III to the field and takes the second high speed slow motion camera test. All the videos are recorded in the XAVC S HD format.

 What all does the video test with Sony RX10 III?

The same event is recorded with the Sony RX10 III with 100, 250, 500 and 1000 frames/second. The video checks quality of the camera at various bitrates and progressive frames per second.

Not only does the video compare image quality at different bitrates and progressive frames per second, but it also compares the quality at original speed and playback speed.

How does the Sony RX10 III perform?

In HD mode of Sony RX10 III, in original as well as playback speed, there is a sharp difference between the 50P 50M video and its 100P 100M counterpart. One can visibly see the vibrancy of colors and better quality in the 100P 100M video.

In HFR mode with the “Shoot Time Priority” settings, the image quality fairly decreases. While, in the “Quality Priority” settings with 250 f/sec, the camera crops the files. It up scales them later during the transformation process. With the same priority and record settings but different frame rates, i.e. 500 f/sec and 1000 f/sec, the camera gives a drastic quality difference. In 1000 f/sec, the file is cropped to the maximum with the lowest resolution.

For a middle-class range camera, Sony RX10 III performs surprisingly well. Also, it gives some extra-ordinary high speed slow motion features which are incomparable.


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