Sony Time-lapse App: Test

What is the Video all about?

The video tests the Tilt Shift Miniature Effect on the Sony Time-lapse App using the Sony Alpha 7 R II.

The clip covers the activities of moving cars on a busy crossroad during the day. The lighting is most of the time either sunny or cloudy.

About the Sony Time-Lapse App.

You can download the Sony Time-Lapse App directly on your camera. Using this application, you can access different effect presets. For example, Tilt-Shift (Miniature), Sunrise or Cloudy Sky. The Miniature preset generates only jpg files or movie clips in avi-format and uncompressed raw format images.

Editing Details of the Clip.

The Sony Time-Lapse App is used to add strong saturation to the clip. Thus, it has emphasized upon the Miniature effect. However, there is another effect as well which adds up to the miniature effect. The simulated tilt-shift (a de-focus or blur-effect) towards the edges of the image emphasizes on the miniature effect. In fact, it is the main effect which leads to the miniature illusion. Zoom is added to the video during the post-production. Also, since the shot was taken outdoors from 140 meters of heights, an image stabilization is added.


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