Sony HFR Crop Factors

What is the video all about?

This video investigates the quality outcome of Sony’s type 1 EXMOR RS CMOS Sensor. Various high frame rate sequences are shot using the new SONY RX10 Mark 3 at 600 mm focal length. It further explains the Sony HFR Crop Factors.

How does the Sony RX10 M3 perform?

The Sony RX10 M3 can produce extremely high frame rates up to 1000 fps PAL (960 fps NTFS). However, this leads to cropping of the footage into the standard HD resolution.

The Sony HFR Crop Factors explained.

The following HFR Crop factors are explained in the video:

  1. The videos shot at a higher Frame rate than 100 fps are stored in the camera’s internal memory.  Then, after the recording is done, they are converted to an .mp4 compression.
  2. The footages recorded in the HFR mode, are stretched in terms of time depending on the record settings selected.
  3. The camera stretches the original HFR crop factors, to fit standard Full HD resolution.
  4. All HFR-Material higher than 100 fps is automatically transformed and recompressed in sense of time as well as in sense of the effective sensor resolution readout during the recording.


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