Sony Alpha 7R II

What is the Video all about?

In this video, we test the Sony Alpha 7R II with the LA-EA4 lens adapter. The camera originally comes with an E-Mount Adapter. A-Mount Adapters are its predecessors. In this video, the Sony Alpha 7R II is tried and tested with an A-Mount adapter.

The video compares the 50mm f-stop 1.4 prime lens with the DT18-55 and the SAL 4,5-5,6 75-300mm Tele-zoom.

Also, the video finds out the difference between the new slim and older fat camera bodies of Sony using SAMYANG 12mm F 2.8 e-mount fisheye-lens as a reference.

How does the video use Sony 7R II to make the comparisons?

Here, the video makes the comparisons by:

  1. Firstly, the video talks about the specifications of the lenses.

In this first half, the video discusses the zooming features, auto-focus, manual focus, and other specifications of the lenses. It not only just describes them individually but also compares them.

2. Secondly, the video compares the test images.

In the second half, a few Lightroom test images captured using all the three lenses are displayed. These images are used to compare the quality of the lenses. Also, the ISO settings are mentioned so that the viewers can have a better idea.


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