Sony RX 10 M3

What is the video all about?

The SONY RX 10 M3 comes with a Zoom range of 600 mm. This video displays some outstanding images which are captured using the camera.

What does the Sony RX 10 M3 capture?

The video shows amazing pictures of the New West Berlin. All these images are of the new architectural sightseeing places of Berlin. These places interest tourists of all over the world.

Editing of the images.

Here, the images captured are completely in their original forms. However, only a mirror effect is added to the pictures captured. Thus, one can have a clear idea of resolution of the pictures.

How does the Sony RX 10 M3 perform?

Since the pictures are in their original forms, we can clearly see the high-resolution of the images. The camera delivers the best quality accounting to its 4K Super Zoom.


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