LED48A Macro Ring Light

What is the video all about?

A macro ring light is a circular photographic flash. One can fit it on the camera lens to get an evenly spread source of light. One such circular flash is the LED48A. This video tests the LED48A Macro Ring Light with the Sony RX10M3.

Advantages of Using the LED48A Macro Ring Light

Electric light powered by 50 or 60 Hz leads to strange flickering of HFR indoor recordings. And thereby, to inconsistent illumination of the scene. The solution to this problem is the LED48A. The device has a high count of overlapping LEDs. Also, the batteries power the device with direct current. Thus, the macro ring light leads to low, but consistent light conditions.

Additionally, it is compact in size. Thus, easy to carry around.

How does the video test the Macro Ring Light LED48A?

The first half of the video talks about the technicalities and specifications of the LED48A. One can know minor details of the device. In the latter part, the device is connected to Sony RX10 M3 Camera. Further, it is used to click various video sequences. In this manner, we can understand the effectiveness of the device.


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