RX10 MIII Speed Race

What is the video all about?

The Sony RX10 MIII provides High-Speed HD recording. There are two priority settings available for this – Quality Priority and Shoot Time Priority. This video carries out a High-Speed Race of these two priority settings.

What does the RX10 MIII capture?

This video shows some beautiful natural scenarios and natural frames. For example, insects around a flower, men cycling in a mountainous area, etc. However, they are all shot in daylight.

RX10 MIII High-Speed Race Conclusions:

This High-Speed Race with the RX10 MIII leads to three main conclusions:

  1. The 250 PAL/240 NTFS High-Speed picture quality at ‘Quality’ priority settings is way better than ‘Shoot Time’ priority. Yet, you can use it for some acceptable results.
  2. 250 PAL / 240 NTFS High-Speed raw footage at ‘Quality’ priority will lead to near ‘Full HD’ results.
  3. However, for truly perfect picture quality you will need to step back to 100 f/s PAL at 100 M resulting in excellent playback quality at 25 f/sec. At 100 f/s, the theoretical recording time limit will be raised from several seconds to 30 minutes.

The RX10 MIII surprises on all kind of different aspects and performs surprisingly well. For being just a consumer camera at such an attractive price range there is nothing much to complain.


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