Sony RX 10 III: Field Test 1

What is the Video all about?

In this Video, we take the Sony RX 10 III to the field. Here, the video takes the first high-speed slow motion camera test of Sony RX 10 III.

What all does the video test with Sony RX 10 III?

In this video, a single event is captured with the ‘Shoot Time Priority’ settings in the XAVC S HD format. Also, varying frame rates of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 frames/second are used to capture the event.

The video compares image quality with different bit rates. Additionally, it even focuses on the quality comparison at original and playback speed.

How does the Sony RX 10 III perform?

The first half of the video compares the clips of the HD mode. When comparing the clips of 25P 50M and 50P 50M, one can visibly see a sharp difference between the two. With the ‘Shoot Time Priority’ settings, the color contrast increases as you go from 25P 50M to 50P 50M.

While in the case of HFR mode, starting from 250 FPS, the camera crops the files. But the resolution decreases as you move towards 500 FPS and 1000 FPS. Especially at 1000 FPS, there is an evident decrease in the resolution.


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