microstock 2017: the biggest agencies


shutterstock vs. istockphoto vs. dreamstime vs. alamy vs. gettyimages vs. offset vs. stocksy


This is a general comparison of 7 of the most well known MICROSTOCK agencies on the image market in 2016. This introduction video can be interesting for different peoples. Those looking for images in the internet, as well as for Image workers. Even those who are about to decide if they would want to start contributing their own imagery by sharing it with the online community. We explore the archives of those agencies using different keywords to get a taste of their individual approaches in offering pictures to their clients.


Even though the market is quite overload and has dramatically changed during the last 10 years it is still possible to earn money by selling photographs online. Unfortunately not only because of the lower prices the contributors are being paid less. Also the quality of the content decreased in a certain way. The whole business starts to be more and more about the high numbers which means quantity over quality. The most successful MICROSTOCKER have 100.000 files online or more. It is all about AUTOMATISATION, optimization and tweaking the algorithms to the very end.

But what’s to say this is how the MICROSTOCK universe appears today. As already mentioned above this blog post will give you a general overview.


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